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  • Open your basement door to new opportunities


    Do you have an unfinished or outdated basement? Has it turned into a dark, cold storage space for Christmas decorations, children’s toys and unwanted junk? Here’s the good news: Your basement has potential. It’s time to turn that potential into a redefined living space.

    At B Wise Contractors we work to understand the visions of our clients and develop innovative designs that meet unique client needs. We offer a variety of basement renovation options that will transform your underdeveloped space into a cozy, functional living area.

    Legal Rental Suites

    Why not earn extra monthly income by capitalizing on your unused basement? A legal rental suite is a self-contained living space that allows renters to come and go as they please. They typically include:

    • Separate entrance
    • Mini kitchen
    • Dining area
    • Living room
    • Bedroom(s)
    • Bathroom(s)
    • Washer and dryer

    You can convert your basement into a sought after moneymaking property by having a small home in your home. Not only will you have a finished space, you’ll also enjoy the financial gains.


    Picture a dim room with video-filled shelves, plush couches and a big screen TV. We can build a comfortable, first-class theatre room in your very own home!

    Theatres bring families together and offer a unique entertainment space to host friends. Insulated walls prevent noise from travelling to the rest of a home, so both parents and children can enjoy the on-screen action. We can build you an unforgettable, family-oriented space designed to your specifications.

    Craft Rooms

    Craft rooms are a popular type of basement renovation because they provide a space for homeowners to conduct their hobbies. Many ladies choose this option so they have a place to scrapbook, sew and paint, while men have the ability to do woodwork and leatherwork.

    We can design and build a craft room that incorporates the shelving, lighting and workspace you desire so you can have a dedicated craft area with all the things you need.

    Recreation Rooms

    Recreation rooms are typically open concept so homeowners can entertain or exercise in large spaces. We can remove walls and insert extra support beams to create a wide-open area for your recreation room. We’ll ensure your basement has proper lighting and a finished look so you can transform it into the entertainment space, fitness centre or game room of your dreams.

    Mini Bars

    Have you ever considered having a mini bar in your basement? Mini bars are great feature pieces in recreation rooms and tend to be the focal point of renovated basements. They’re typically composed of:

    • Bar
    • Fridge
    • Sink
    • Stools
    • Shelving
    • Feature lighting

    Enhance your entertainment space with a personalized mini bar!


    If you need a room to separate your personal life from your work life, we can help. Build a bright, comfortable office that gives you the space and privacy you need. If you work from home, you’ll appreciate the investment.

    Regardless of your vision, we can transform your basement into a functional area. What’s in it for you? Greater living space and increased property value.

    Contact us today and learn how we can recreate your space. It’s time to open your basement door to new opportunities.

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