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    B Wise Siding & Insulation

    Give your home a facelift! Nothing improves the outward appearance of your home more than properly installed exterior cladding. B Wise Contractors are experts at sourcing and installing the best exterior cladding for your home. We can also install energy efficient insulation to keep you cosy in winter and cool in summer.



    Exterior cladding solutions

    We install several types of exterior cladding options depending on what type of finished look you feel best suits your home.

    In our opinion, Royal Building Products produces high-quality, colorfast, and exceptionally durable vinyl siding products.

    • Residential: High quality - 100% Vinyl Siding.
    • Crown Select:  High performance - 100% Vinyl Siding. Thicker Gauge.
    • Royal Woodland: Top-of-the-line - 100% Vinyl Siding. Thickest Gauge.

    If you are looking for an exterior cladding alternative to Vinyl, we also have specialized installers for:

    Please feel free to ask us about the pros and cons for each of these products, and the cost-benefit analysis for your specific application.

    Our experienced team of professionals will install your products on-time and on-schedule. 

    Increase the curb appeal and saleability of your home with our transferable LIFETIME siding guarantee.

    Energy efficient insulation

    Wrapping your home in ENERGY STAR ® rated insulation is the most cost-effective way to keep your energy costs down, and your home warm & cosy in the winter and cool in the summer.

    We can install several types of insulation, from Energy Shield and EnerFoil to Silverboard, and our favourite: Thermal3Ht.

    Just ask us for a free in-home consultation and we will be happy to provide you with the ENERGY STAR ® ratings and application costs for each of these products. 

    Here's how you can benefit:

    • Double the R-Value of your existing walls! That's right, we have products that enable you to double the insulation value of your home WITHOUT having to change the structure.
    • Save money by keeping your heat INSIDE your home and keeping the Alberta prairie winds where they belong - OUTSIDE.

    Call (780) 489-0101 or contact us & book an appointment today!

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