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Complete Basement Renovations

Basement finishing       –       Complete Flood Restorations

We provide total start-to-finish basement renovations — Industry recognized & insured.
We pride ourselves in complete customer satisfaction – We work with you to create a safe, healthy, living area from a bare basement or any condition. We are accredited by many insurance agencies in Alberta, our quality of work is unparalleled.
We have the ability to create a custom basement catered for YOUR needs.

  • Home Theater & Entertainment Rooms
  • Bars, Cabinetry, & Plumbing
  • Extra Bedrooms & Bathrooms
  • Secondary Living Quarters incl. Kitchen & Laundry
  • Basement Suites – Private Entrances
  • Complete Flood Repair & Restoration

Because we need to conform to the dimensions of your current basement we suggest that you book an estimate today.
We will work together and create your personalized space while utilizing industry leading building methods.
Maximize energy efficiency and maintain or improve your property integrity.

We’ve been in the business for some time now and will gladly pass along information that will empower you regardless of whether you choose us for your project or not.

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Typical Basement Renovation:

  1. Preparation of the Ground Work:
    Inspect moisture sources, cracks, drainage, window wells, floor drains, sump-pumps, and backwater valves.
  2. Preparation of the Space:
    Foundation walls and floors need to be properly insulated to prevent heat loss to the surrounding earth.We will look at the insulation options from both inside and outside the suite.
  3. Putting the Mechanical and Plumbing Systems in Place:
    Contribute to your comfort and health with proper air circulation and mechanical ventilation to prevent volatile organic compounds in the air by controlling the humidity.
  4. Keeping it Safe:
    Inspect for fire and smoke detection, electrical outlets and fixtures, windows, means of egress, and enclosure of the mechanical room.
  5. Finishes and Coverings:
    Prevent mold by utilizing water permeable flooring and wall finishes. Our basement renovations are completed with materials that are resistant & protected against common problems such as moisture, mold & mildew, and insect infestation. The combination of outstanding workmanship and quality materials makes our basement renovation cost a great investment for your home and fantastic value for money.

Contact us  — we can help turn your dream into a reality.