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    B Wise Contractors are Edmonton’s specialized energy efficiency consultants!

    We can discuss the present R-Value of your home and explore different ways of increasing it’s Insulation Value.



    Energy efficiency consulting

    The products we use are recognized by Natural Resources Canada as truly ENERGY STAR ® Rated for Northern Alberta Climates.

    • Save the environment and save your money at the same time!
    • Safeguard the health and comfort of your family;
      make sure the products that you install in your home are designed for what the elements are going to throw at them.
    • We also have unique products that will keep your family safe, comfortable and healthy all year round.

    During our in home consult we bring in top of the line equipment to detect moisture, air leaks, heat escape and other potential issues that are harder and sometimes impossible to see by eye.

    Take a look at our blog for the latest Energy Efficiency Products & Green Building Techniques.

    Call (780) 489-0101 or contact us and find out how you can save money and help the environment!

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