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  • Why don’t you use Recycled Materials???

    How come all of your products are 100% NEW, and NON-RECYCLED?

    Hey… I thought you guys were ‘energy efficient’ and environmentally friendly….

    We are 100% FOR environmentally friendly houses.
    In fact our name came from the concept of “Being Energy Wise“.

    In reality the environmental benefit from using recycled materials is quickly negated by the poor performance and shorter lifespan of inconsistent recycled plastics.

    There is a time to use recycled material – for pop bottles, garbage bags, and other throw-away applications…

    We would like to think your home is NOT a throw-away application. 😉

    Every Material Expands with Heat and Contracts with Cold. It’s called thermal expansion.

    Every manufacturer will accommodate thermal expansion in their design & engineering, but the only way to be able to do this effectively is to have a material that behaves predictably.
    Since recycled plastics vary in composition every time the are produced it is much more difficult to asses whether or not the material is behaving predictably at the molecular level.

    Our products are all 100% new: quality controlled and tested to perform consistently throughout the entire product.
    They are more or less 100% the same at the molecular level throughout: this means the whole material will expand and contract uniformly at the same rate in a predictable pattern.

    If your build material is made up of many different types of plastics and is not UNIFORM and CONSISTENT throughout – the different plastics will contract and expand at different rates.
    This means you will get warping, twisting, and buckling with time.

    You may save 50% of the cost in some cases going with recycled material –
    The product will only last 20% as long compared to properly engineered products made with NEW materials.

    Do the math – it means you may save now, but in the long run you will end up spending 250% more!

    Not to mention the inferior recycled materials make their way into landfills much more quickly.
    So in the end you’re actually causing more harm than good going with recycled materials… in our opinion and experience.

    So in a nutshell: That’s why we don’t use recycled materials!

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